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We've digitized more than 2,100,000 photos
and 74,000 hours of film from California

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Customer Testimonial

I had a great experience with ScanDigital and am VERY likely to use your services again. My order was very complex and executed perfectly.

Robbie - Los Angeles, CA


From our former home in Los Angeles to Fresno and everwhere in between

Pretty sure more of our vacation photos come from California than anywhere else in the country. But seriously, when you think about seeing your kids dwarfed by the size of the giant Sequoia trees, or the miles and miles of scenic views along the Pacific Coast Highway, it’s easy to see why. With Los Angeles having been our former HQ, we still get more than 250,000 photos ever year from California! While you may not be a Hollywood director, send us your old home movies and we’ll convert them to DVD so your grandkids can cherish the memories you’ve made over the years.

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