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Time and Energy

What's Your Time Worth?

Task Time (in minutes)
Cleaning: it takes time to remove the dirt and dust likely accumulated over time to ensure a clean, sharp scan 0.5
Scanning: includes time to correctly position and do the actual scan, with extra time factored in for re-dos. 2 - 3
Editing: time used for image repair, including dust and red eye removal, cropping and color correction. 4 - 6
That's an average of 8 minutes per photo! Total: 6.5 - 9.5

We believe preserving your memories digitally should be a priority and if you decide to not use ScanDigital or a service to help you with this task, doing it yourself is an option. However, before undertaking such as yourself, you should understand what you're getting yourself into. For even the most tech savvy people, scanning requires tremendous amounts of time, money and energy to ensure reasonable quality.

Scanning and editing take a lot of time. After you've spent time researching the equipment and editing software to purchase and have taught yourself how to use them properly, each individual photo will take several minutes to process. If you're like the average consumer, you have thousands of photos stored in boxes in your basement, so you can imagine how painstakingly time consuming this task will be if you do it yourself. For the average person, scanning your entire collection of photos will take every weekend for the next year. Certainly you have better things to do!


Your time is valuable, so you will also need to factor in the time you will spending to process your material into your overall costs. As seen above, an endless amount of time is needed to take on this project- every weekend for the next year to be exact. If planning to convert your old photos to digital format yourself, there will be significant upfront costs to purchase the required equipment. Different equipment is needed for different formats of photographic material. Prints, negatives and slides cannot all be processed the same way. You will need two types of scanners for about a combined $2,400. Then you will need the proper editing software, which will run you about $140 additionally. It adds up pretty quickly. ScanDigital uses only the best equipment available for converting your old memories to digital format. If you'd like our recommendation for what to purchase, take a look.


Even if you are willing to give up your weekends for the next year and invest nearly $3,000 required for equipment, you must also account for the quality of your efforts. Your ability to scan and edit are crucial to the final results. Our highly skilled team at ScanDigital is comprised only of top professionals. We capture the sharpest scan possible and edit images better than the original, every time. We offer the highest quality available and guarantee you'll be satisfied with the results.


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"Chris Coffey delivered the best customer service that I have ever received from a company. Believe me, I am one of those high-maintenance customers too! I would recommend your service over and over again, and actually I have at least 3 people that are already gathering their slides to call you. Here are the reasons: Customer Service Excellence: -- Chris called me personally when I place my order explaining that I needed to send my slides overnight asap in order to reach my Christmas deadline. You can't ask for more than that. -- Chris was extremely responsive via e-mail when I had questions or concerns. When you are sending 300 slides to a company on other other side of the country that you found on the internet and know nothing about, and they are your Mom's slides from the 1950's, it makes you a little nervous. Chris made this process easy. Quality of Product: -- honestly, I had low expectations on the quality of the digital image that I was going to receive. It was outstanding. When I showed the presentation that I put together to my family, they were amazed. My sister-in-law, who did the same thing for her parents a few years ago, was stunned by the quality and is considering re-sending all of the slides to you to get them re-scanned. Website Support: -- I work in the "online" business. We are a large Interactive Marketing consulting firm, so I realize the importance of usability and customer interaction with a site like yours. Your site is easy to find the information that I want, it was great to view the images once they were scanned. It is a great compliment to your personal service. Nice work! I will use you again when I have another project. And I will continue to refer you to everyone I know who is seeking a service like yours."
- Ronald - Mentor, OH - January 2008 -

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