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  • Save Those Special Moments
    Scrapbooks, Certificates & Memorable Achievements

  • Manual Processing
    Scanned and edited by hand

  • Strict Quality Assurance
    Each image reviewed by 3 technicians

Scrapbook Scanning

  • Scrapbook scanning for pages up to 12" X 17".

  • An easy solution to preserve hours of your scrapbooking work.

  • Simple Pricing: $1.78 per page (600 dpi)

Memento Scanning

More than just your photos hold captured memories. You likely also have mementos and important records that hold a deep sentimental value. Your birth certificate, your "Most Improved" award from your high school sports team or your grandparent's marriage certificate are all valuable items that represent a piece of your past. These all hold a special place in your heart, but are sadly wasting away while being stored in your basement. Luckily, ScanDigital's Photo Scanning services can help preserve these memories.

There are endless benefits of having these important records in digital format. For starters, you can protect these items from decay and disaster and preserve them for future generations. It also opens up the ability to share these items with loved ones. Printing copies, emailing them as attachments and sharing them via your social network, is simple from a digital file. Digital records also allow you to easily access and enjoy these important memories. Forget digging them out from deep within your garage, now you can enjoy them at the click of your mouse. You can also use your digital files as artwork on t-shirts, photobooks, custom calendars, etc.

We also have parents out there who want to save their children's schoolwork. From elementary finger-painting to high school calligraphy, we are able to digitally preserve these priceless works of art. Your children's work will be scanned with the utmost care allowing you access to them from your computer at anytime. School certificates and other merits of achievement can be digitized as well to ensure their childhood memories are saved for them.

All orders are processed at our US-based facility to ensure the highest quality, guaranteed security and fastest turnaround. Your happiness is important to us - we guarantee you will be 100% satisfied.

Digital Scrapbooking










  • ScanDigital's conversion services are ideal for digital scrapbookers.

  • Convert those old photos, slides and negatives today so that you can begin using them within your digital scrapbooking projects.

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Through our integration with UPS and our world class EssentialTracker system for internal tracking, your order is carefully monitored from door to door

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We scan by hand

To ensure the highest quality and to protect every image, we will never use an auto-feeder to process your materials.

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"I have been very happy with the items I have sent to ScanDigital for processing. I have many scrapbooks of vacations our family has taken over the years and want to digitize them into books, the new "scrapbook," while maintaining all original handwriting, pictures and other information. This has been a great tool for me to get the full page into a "picture" and then upload them to a book site to create a new "vacation book". Overall, I am very happy with this process and will continue to use ScanDigital to complete my books. I have also recommended it to my family and friends."
- Mary MN December 2010 -

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Preserve your favorite vacation memories. You will love reliving your travel adventures on DVD!

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"The scanned photos are awesome! It was so much fun to see photos that I haven't seen it 20 years. The quality was great and the service was wonderful."
- Grace - Golden, CO

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Did you know?

The word photography was created in 1839 and means phos or light and graphe or drawing in Greek, which translates to 'drawing with light.'

Security is top priority

Through our integration with UPS and our world
class EssentialTracker system for internal tracking, your order is carefully monitored from door to door

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