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Photo Scanning

  • Manual Processing
    All photos scanned and edited by hand

  • Strict Quality Assurance
    Each image reviewed by 3 technicians

  • Safe & Secure
    All work is done in the United States of America

ScanDigital brings new life back to your old memories. Photos do not last forever and as they sit out of sight in a closet or basement they are deteriorating a bit more each day. There are endless dangers that put your photos at risk and the only way to guarantee the safety of your memories is to preserve them digitally. ScanDigital is the perfect photo scanning service to help you preserve the memories of your life.

Our Photo Scanning Process

  • Cleaning and Preparation
    All photos are individually cleaned with compressed air and a lint free cloth.
  • Scanning
    Each picture is scanned using the highest quality equipment.
  • Editing
    Our highly skilled scan technicians repair each image, including cropping, rotation, color correction and red-eye removal.
  • Loaded to Flash Drive or Hard Drive
    Your newly digitized images are loaded to an external Flash Drive or Hard Drive.
  • Enjoy
    Enjoy your digital memories with friends and loved ones!

Converting Old Pictures to Digital Images

By converting your photos to digital format, you are protecting your images against dust, decay, scratches and other damaging effects of time. Digital images are also never affected by poor environmental culprits, including humidity, extreme temperatures and excess light, the way pictures are. You will also never have to worry about your collection of photos being lost or damaged due to disaster, fire, flooding or any other unforeseen circumstances.

ScanDigital processes all types of photos including prints, negatives and slides. For printed photos, our process can handle all formats, which include color photos, Polaroids, or black & white pictures. Do not worry about the dimensions of your photos because we can scan prints that were done in a variety of sizes. Any picture that is 8" x10" or smaller will be charged the same per photo price for scanning. If you have a photo that is larger than 8" x10", we are able to convert it to digital for an additional cost.

All images are scanned by hand, edited and loaded to an external USB drive. Our process ensures the highest quality product from any photo scanning service. Not only does ScanDigital stop the aging process of your photos, our premier scan service includes the restoration of your images.

Digital Editing and Image Restoration

Our scanners clean each picture with compressed air and lint-free cloth to remove any dust that may cause a poor scan. In addition, the photo scanning equipment we use is built with dust removal which immediately helps with the quality of your digital image. After all of your photos have been completely scanned, our scanners turn over the images to our editing staff.

Our editing team has years of experience working with digital image enhancement. They take the time to go through each picture to make individual improvements. While the focus of our service is digitization, we also pride ourselves in the quality of our digital editing work. Enhancements such as cropping, reorientation, red-eye removal and color correction will help to restore the quality of your older images. These edits will bring new life to your pictures and make them a pleasure to share and enjoy.

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Your memories are safe

Through our integration with UPS and our world class EssentialTracker system for internal tracking, your order is carefully monitored from door to door

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We scan by hand

To ensure the highest quality and to protect every image, we will never use an auto-feeder to process your materials.

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"The service was great and very affordable. The representative I worked with was knowledgeable and helpful. Loved the images."
- Gordon - Alexandria, VA - March 2010 -

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